Impact Peace

ImpactPeace is a platform where anyone can share, discuss, challenge, and learn from innovation in peacebuilding, conflict transformation, development, environmental action, and all related efforts.

We want to share and compare stories, ideas, strategies, and challenges. We want to deepen the debate, unpack / reject the jargon, ‘think out loud’ about those creative ideas for innovation. We also want to vent.

Here’s what there is to do

  1. Read – ImpactPeace is a community space to share news, ideas, and viewpoints on current issues in the field of peace and conflict resolution.
  2. Comment – this is a conversation, a dialogue, all that good stuff. Go on and jump in there!
  3. Write – Post on ImpactPeace, share what you find, discuss what you like, debate what you don’t.
  4. Share it.

learn about who’s writing and get your name added 🙂