Icons for world peace? No, ICAN.

Haha. No. It’s not ICONS for world peace. It’s ICAN.

(But icons do help make an impressive theory of change. And they can help a lot with  data visualization. Of course, you have to head over to Stephanie Evergreen‘s site for more on using icons like a professional.

And, with additions to PowerPoint like the “insert icon” function, it’s now even easier to use visual cues in telling whatever story you need. For the really great icons, I spend my time searching through the thousands of options at the Noun Project.  It’s amazing what kinds of fun visuals you can find there.)

noun_1007243_ccToday, in honor of the fact that the Nobel Peace Prize was announced,  and everyone is talking about peace. Here’s the iconic icon (also logo) for today!  Click to check out why they were awarded the prize.

In addition to these considerations for why they won, ICAN does a lot of great visual advocacy, like this:

But, also this.